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Class 8 Lab Activities List

Class 8 Physical Science:

Session – 1: 

Chapter 1: Force 

  1. Observing the magnetic force and magnetic field
  2. Observing electrostatic forces.
  3. Finding gravitational force using newton meter
  4. Density of body using Newton meter
  5. Frictional force and importance of friction
  6. Limiting force that can be borne by a string
  7. Effect of Force on a body

Chapter 2: Friction 

  1. Friction and static friction 
  2. Friction with respect to different surfaces using newton meter 
  3. Methods of reducing friction

Session – 2:

Chapter 3: Synthetic Fibers And Plastics 

  1. Thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics by flame test
  2. Polymer formation

Chapter 4: Metals and non-metals 

  1. Comparing different types of Metals
  2. Sonority, Ductility and Malleability of metals
  3. Electrical conductivity of Metals and Nonmetals
  4. Thermal conductivity of Metals and Nonmetals
  5. Reaction of oxygen with metals and non-metals
  6. pH test of Metals and Nonmetal products
  7. Reaction of Acid with metals oxides
  8. Reaction of Bases with metals

Session – 3:

Chapter 5: Sound

  1. Observing vibrations of sound
  2. Production of sound
  3. Propagation of Sound through different medium
  4. Demonstrating types of sound wave propagation
  5. Demonstrating wavelength, amplitude, time period and frequency.
  6. Sound reflection
  7. Amplification of sound using Stethoscope and working principle 

Chapter 7: Coal and petroleum 

  1. Flammable and Inflammable Substances
  2. Burning test of fuels
  3. Distillation of fuels
  4. Separation of fuels
  5. Heating high quality coal (carbon content is more) the evolved gas burns.
  6. Test for gas liberated on combustion of fuels.

Chapter 8:  Combustion, Fuels And Flame

  1. Importance of Oxygen in Combustion
  2. Ignition temperature
  3. structure of the flame for different metals

Session – 4: 

Chapter 6: Reflection of light by plane surfaces

  1. Explanation on reflection of light. 
    1. Plane Mirror 
    2. Spherical mirrors 
      1. Concave 
      2. Convex 
  2. Rule of Plane mirror using laser 
  3. Rules of Concave mirror using laser 
  4. Rules of Concave mirror using laser 

Chapter 9: Electricity 

  1. Components of electric circuit and their role in circuit
  2. Parallel Circuits of 
  1. Bulbs
  2. Resistors
  3. Batteries
  • Parallel Circuits of 
    1. Bulbs
    2. Resistors
    3. Batteries
  • Electric current on potato
  • Make your own cell
  • Electroplating
  • Resistance of Conductor Varies with
    1. Length
    2. Area of cross section
    3. Nature of material
    4. Temperature
  • Household devices in parallel and series circuits

Chapter 10: Natural Phenomenon (Magnetism)

  1. Magnetic field around 
    1. Bar magnet
    2. Disc Magnet
    3. Horseshoe shaped Magnet
  2. Oersted experiment
  3. Lines of magnetic field around Current carrying conductor. 
    1. Linear 
    2. Loop
    3. Solenoid 
  4. Magnetic field due to straight wire carrying current
  5. Magnetic field due to wire loop carrying current 
  6. Magnetic field due to solenoid carrying current
  7. Force applied on a current carrying wire by an Magnet

Class 8 Biological Science:

Session – 1: 

Chapter 1: What is Science? 

  1. Observing a variety of microorganisms under a microscope.

Chapter 2: Cell – The Basic Unit of Life: 

  1. Construction of simple microscope
  2. Structure of plant cell using Plastic model and microscopic observation
  3. Structure of plant cell using Plastic model and microscope
  4. Slide making and Observing Cheek cell under microscope
  5. Slide making and Observing Onion Peel under microscope
  6. Observing Cell division under microscope
  7. Transverse Section of Stem
  8. Transverse Section of Root
  9. Transverse Section of Leaf

Session – 2: 

Chapter 3: The World of Microorganisms I & II

  1. Blood groups and blood test
  2. Observing Coccus, Bacillus, Lactobacillus under microscope
  3. Observing Rhizopus (Bread moulds) under microscope
  4. Observing Amoeba, Vorticella, Penicillium, Aspergillus, Paramecium, under microscope
  5. Observing Chlamydomonas, Spirogyra and Diatom under microscope
  6. Preparation of compost and vermicomposting

Session – 3: 

Chapter 4: Respiration

  1. Budding in Hydra.
  2. Amoeba and Binary Fission in Amoeba
  3. TS of Flower, Male and Female flower parts
  4. TS of Flower using Plastic Model
  5. Human Male Reproductive system using Plastic Model
  6. Human Female Reproductive system using Plastic Model

Chapter 6: Biodiversity and its Conservation 

  1. Short Movie on Biodiversity and its Conservation

Chapter 7: Ecosystem 

  1. Short Movie on Ecosystem

Chapter 8 & 9: Production of Food from Plants & Animals

  1. Short Movie on Production of Food from Plants and Animals

Session – 4: 

Chapter 10: Not for Breathing Not for Drinking 

  1. pH Scale
  2. pH  of Acids, Bases
  3. pH of water and aerated drinks
  4. Natural and artificial indicators
  5. Importance of ph in tooth decay and digestive system.
  6. pH of mouth
  7. Action of saliva on flour

Chapter 11: Why do we fall ill? 

  1. Microscopic observation of pond water
  2. Short Movie on Infectious diseases




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