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Class 7 Lab Activities List

Class 7  Science:

Session – 1:

Chapter 1: Food Components

  1. Test for Starch (Carbohydrates)
  2. Test for Proteins
  3. Test for Fats/Lipids/Oils

Chapter 2: Acids And Bases

  1. Acid bases test with Natural indicators 
  2. Acid bases test with artificial indicators
  3. Reaction of Acid with metals
  4. Reaction of Acid with metal carbonates and Bicarbonate.
  5. Reaction of Acid with Bases
  6. Reaction of Acid with metals oxides
  7. Reaction of Bases with metals
  8. Reaction of Bases with Nonmetals oxide
  9. Electrical conductivity of
    1. Acids
    2. Bases
    3. Salts
  10. Reaction of Salt  with Acids
  11. Preparation of Hcl gas
  12. pH of mouth and Soil
  13. Reaction of Calcium oxide with water
  14. Reaction of sodium sulfate and barium chloride.
  15. Reaction of  hydrochloric acid to the zinc granules
  16. Electrolysis of Brine
  17. Identification test of baking soda and washing soda
  18. water of crystallization

Chapter 17: Changes Around Us

  1. Physical change activities
  2. Chemical change activities
  3. Observe crystallization of Sugar
  4. Change in the mass before and after a chemical reactions
  5. Chemical Combination (Burning of magnesium ribbon) 
  6. Chemical Combination (Reaction of CaO with water)
  7. Decomposition Reaction (Heating of calcium carbonate and emission of Carbon Dioxide)
  8. Decomposition Reaction (Heating of lead nitrate and emission of nitrogen dioxide)
  9. Sublimation using Camphor
  10. Electrolysis of water
  11. Displacement reaction(Reaction of dil.HCl with Zn granules)
  12. Reaction of Vinegar with Baking soda
  13. Lime water test to detect CO2
  14. Displacement reaction(Iron nail and copper sulfate solutions)
  15. Double displacement reaction(lead iodide and potassium nitrate)
  16. Crystallization using sugar and copper sulfate

Session – 2: 

Chapter 4: Motion And Time

  1. Activity to calculate speed 
  2. Activity to calculate velocity 

Chapter 5: Heat – Measurement

  1. Differentiation between hot and cold bodies
  2. Usage of thermometer to measure temperature
  3. Transfer of heat energy from hot to cold body
  4. Thermal expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gas
  5. Thermal conductivity of solids 

Chapter 6: Weather And Climate

  1. Construction of Barometer 
  2. Measuring atmospheric pressure using Barometer 

Chapter 8: Air, Winds And Cyclones

  1. Movement of air
  2. Impact of temperature on the movement of air
  3. Air Pressure Activity

Chapter 15: Soil : Our Life

  1. pH of soil
  2. Preparation of Vermicompost and Compost
  3. Substances present in Soil

Session – 3: 

Chapter 7: Electricity 

  1. Components of electric circuit and their role in circuit
  2. Closed and Open Circuits
  3. Parallel Circuits of 
    1. Bulbs
    2. Batteries
  4. Series Circuits of 
    1. Bulbs
    2. Batteries
  5. Measuring Current and Voltages
  6. Resistance Resistance of Conductor Varies with
    1. Length
    2. Area of cross section
    3. Nature of material
    4. Temperature
  7. Household devices in parallel and series circuits

Chapter 9: Reflection Of Light

  1. Explanation on reflection of light. 
    1. Plane Mirror 
    2. Spherical mirrors 
      1. Concave 
      2. Convex 
  2. Image formation by plane and spherical mirrors
  3. Construction of Kaleidoscope
  4. Explanation on refraction of light.
    1. Plane glass slab 
    2. Lenses 
      1. Concave 
      2. Convex 
  5. Rule of refraction through glass slab using laser 
    1. Rarer to denser medium 
    2. Denser to rarer medium
  6. Image formation by Lenses
  7. Combination of lenses

Session – 4: 

Chapter 10: Nutrition In Plants

  1. Observing TS of Stem under Microscope
  2. Observing TS of Root under Microscope
  3. Observing TS of Leaf under Microscope
  4. Observing Stomata under Microscope
  5. Test for Carbohydrate synthesis during photosynthesis.

Chapter 11: Respiration In Organisms

  1. Human respiratory system using Plastic Model
  2. Cockroach respiratory system
  3. Earthworm Respiratory System
  4. Lime water test for CO2 liberation during respiration
  5. By-Product of respiration by Charing Sugar.
  6. Evolution of CO2 during respiration.
  7. Evolution of Heat during respiration.

Chapter 12: Reproduction In Plants

  1. Bacterial colony in milk and Curd under microscope
  2. Fission under microscope
  3. Budding under microscope
  4. Fragmentation under microscope
  5. Natural Vegetative propagation in Bryophyllum plants
  6. Artificial Vegetative propagation
    1. Cutting
    2. Layering
    3. Grafting
  7. Rhizopus or common mold under the microscope
  8. Explanation on Male reproductive system using a plastic model.
  9. Explanation on Female reproductive system using a plastic model.
  10. Parts of a flower 
  11. Pollen grain under microscope
  12. Structure of ovule using a plastic model.
  13. Plant and animal cell under microscope.
  14. Mitosis under microscope



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